Baby Update, Nov. 14th, 2012

Pictures added as promised. 🙂

Baby, Amelia, Happy Baby, Cute Baby



Head 37.6 CM (82%)

Length 53 CM (70%)

Weight 4.65Kg/10.4Lbs (93%)

From Amelia’s latest checkup!

She’s doing great. Finding her voice a bit more, but that’s to be expected. lol She has a really cute cry thankfully.
You’ll notice I included the percentiles, which are given as well as the numbers when they plug the info in to the system.
It’s interesting to see where your child stands in the grand scheme of babies, but at the same time it’s not really information that should be given to parents. Imagine being told “everything is ok…” but also seeing your child is in a low percentile. The feelings this could provoke in a parent could be potentially damaging. Feelings/thoughts of “What am I doing wrong?”, “Is my baby ok?”, “Is my child deficient in some way?”.

Baby Looks like Donald Trump, Funny Baby Face, Cute Baby

Lol, kinda looks like Donald Trump with that face.


No doubt it is useful information, I just think that information is more useful for health practioners rather than parents. We weren’t told any percentiles to begin with, or at our first checkup. But the nurse or assistant mentioned she had gone from 17% to 70%… So I feel it is safe to assume that if your child is showing low in a percentile… they don’t really tell you that.  lol
I was slightly shocked to hear the number actually. As we were told, everything was fine. By all rights, they were. Numbers can be very misleading, especially when it comes to the fast growing pace of a child. Everything with a grain of salt and contemplation.

I’d like to write some things here in hopes of never forgetting them. I do have a good memory, but it is not perfect. Sometimes little things don’t stick well. There’s also the variables of life to consider. Memory can be affected by so many different factors; disease/sickness, head trauma, toxin exposure, etc. I’m not being paranoid or over-cautious… I have the means to keep record so I might as well use it.
It also serves to keep family and friends informed on the little tidbits. 🙂

Smiling Baby, Baby Smile, Cute Baby, Baby Girl

Not the crooked smile. lol
Mine happens on the left side, hers on the right. That’s not to say every one of our smiles is crooked, obviously. 🙂


I call you my star sparkle sometimes. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s just something that came to mind when you were wearing a onesie with a shooting star on it. Your mother thinks it’s a little odd. I would call it unique. lol

Your eyes are changing colour. They’ve gone from a deep, navy blue to a blue that I can compare to Kentucky Blue Limestone when it is cut and freshly used… when it’s hadlittle UV exposure and almost no oxidization. This may seem like an odd description… but this type of limestone was used to build a vestibule addition on a local church. Odder still, this area is known for limestone yet they had to order it in as I was told; we don’t quarry for stone like that in the area anymore I guess. The stone used in that church was quarried in the neighbourhood I grew up in and the church was built by local prisoners from one of Canada’s oldest prisons (Not chaingang style… I believe they built it because they wanted it; I’ll look it up later). I’ll show you both buildings when you’re older. If all goes well, we may own a home in that neighbourhood someday. I would be surprised if they don’t turn out hazel like mine were when I was young.

You definitely have my crooked smile. lol
I tell you jokes often and you smile when I do. I call you my little baby velociraptor when you get hungry because of the way you act and the squeals you make; the sounds and hand movements slightly remind me of the raptors in Jurassic Park. So ravenously hungry! We also joke fondly of “baby rage”. You get upset, as most babies do, when you want a changing or feeding and it’s the most adorable thing on the planet. heh. You root against your hands and it looks like you’re trying to eat them!


We have a painting in the living room that was painted and given to your mother by a friend. You are absolutely taken with it! I’m going to put it in the nursery when we start putting you to bed in there. Sometimes when you are in the swing-a-ma-jig I take it off the wall and prop it up infront of you. You seem to enjoy it. It’s the contrast in the colours, I know this from reading up on babies a bit… but I’m still glad you seem to have an appreciation of art. lol

I’m pausing now as I write this because you’re going into a fit of “baby rage”. Hungry little scamp. 🙂

Your hair in the light has an orange hue to it. Indeed, it seems we’ve gifted the world with another ginger!

I met a woman that used to sing “the bicycle song” to her babies as well. The version I sing is basically whatever comes into my head, hers was a little more rehearsed. The bicycle technique is a gentle way to help babies poop. lol

You stare into my eyes with a seeming intelligence and awareness I would never have expected from an infant. You do this especially when feeding you.


Little details in life can often go unnoticed or seem so insignificant that it just doesn’t imprint on the memory as it should. I don’t think I will ever forget these things myself, but I could very well forget to mention them to you later in life.

I’m not fearful of you growing. Many people have suggested these are the greatest moments to cherish. Enjoy them while I can because they are so fleeting. I will and they are.
But I also look forward to watching you grow, teaching you to read and write, giving you haircuts, watching you ride a bike or playing in the dirt. There are so many little things yet to come that I look forward to. I promise to protect you and cherish you. To teach you right from wrong and how to react properly. How to think for yourself. How to be a leader and how to empower other people to lead as well.

I don’t intend to preach to you political ideals, religious or spiritual thoughts, or personal opinions. I intend to give you the tools to seek these things on your own.

I know these early days will forever be etched in my mind. They are the happiest I have ever seen. You fill my heart with more joy than I thought this world ever contained.

You are my saving grace. The sliver of myself I thought I would never find again. The flicker of flame that ignited my passion for life again.

My little star sparkle.

Think before you flame...

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