Singing to Amelia: Incubus – Drive (Acoustic)

So I like to sing.

Often. Loudly. Usually in the car. lol

It’s therapeutic I find; some sort of release to be found in it that I can’t explain, but it’s really quite nice. I’m not that good, but she likes it so it’s worth it. 😀

This was done in the wee hours of the morning, roughly 2-3 AM. Clock in the background is an old anniversary gift that my grandparents received and has not worked in years.
The camera is positioned between myself and the music source. It’s not the karaoke version and I haven’t gotten the volume quite right, but you can hear my voice if you listen. Will fine tune it as I make more.

It looks like my eyes are closed at times, but I’m actually looking at her, looking at me. If the mouth movements seem weird at times… I have a mint in my mouth. lol

I actually made twelve of these of different songs that night. It was a very, very long night… but kind’ve fun!

Anyway, here you go.

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