in twenty-one different countries all around the globe.

I know that is not a lot in the terms of most blogs out there, but it’s a higher number than I expected to hit in about a month. Greece, Hong Kong, Grenada, India, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Australia, Latvia! So many places I never actually thought would ever see this thing. It’s not like it is drawing massive audiences from those places… but just the fact that it’s been seen there amazes me! I thought the web had become so much more localized in recent years! How little I knew and how wrong I was. I expected maybe that many in a year… or that many by the time my daughter could read some of what I leave here for her… Some of what I write will seemingly disappear in the coming years. Moved to private until it’s appropriate for her to read. There is a method to the madness so to say.

It’s been shared on an Asian social networking site, it’s been passed around to different government workers, it’s often googled by name. I love seeing the stats associated with hits and pay close attention to it at times if only to see the many obscure ways people find this site or how they share it. It is so very interesting.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read or view anything on this page! I honestly appreciate it. It makes it feel worth the effort. I enjoy writing; people actually reading it is just icing on the cake.

I have many ideas churning for new posts. Random Acts of Kindness, How to Use Emotions as Tools, How to Control Specific Emotions, a huge swath of stuff from the political spectrum, The Adventures of Mike and Jamie (stories from my childhood), Adventures in Drug and Criminal Culture (stories from my teens, not as sordid as it sounds lol), Horrific Work Experiences and How to Deal With Them, videos of me singing to Amelia, baby updates, Travel Reviews and Advice, philosophical pieces, motivational pieces, rants, poetry, short stories, long stories, theories, dreams, etc, etc. I think of new posts constantly but am lacking the time to sit down and actually write them out. On some of my larger topics, it can take hours of editing to fine tune them so as not to send the wrong message. I haven’t even begun to write for you yet. 🙂

Stay tuned. Some of my work will make you happy, some will make you angry, but it will almost always make you think. This I promise you.

Thanks again for spending some time here.

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