General Update, November 5th, 2012

So, during the last week I’ve been fairly busy. As stated in the Enfamil update for November 5th, 2012.

Amelia is doing great. Beautiful, healthy baby girl. She’s still very agreeable.

We have three types of bottles we use, from different brands. Playtex Ventaire, Avent, and Nuk. By far we prefer the Nuk’s, then Avent, then Ventaire. The Ventaire nipples for some reason have increased their flow rate. I believe this is due to sterilizing them, they don’t seem to take heat well… though the packaging said it was friendly to it. Amelia doesn’t mind switching between the different nipples.

The best thing I have found for bottle warming is simply a large, thermal mug. Put warm/hot water in it and throw a bottle in. We have a bottle warmer/steam sterilizer, but I found when I initially tried it it was far too hot for warming bottles. Concerned it will scald the formula. Kristen’s milk has not come in; she will be formula fed. She’s doing well on it, though I am still infinitely peeved with the formula industry and very unimpressed by their methods and standards. You’d think they are making pet food instead of infant formula. Anyway, that anger is not for this post. Obviously we’re not using Enfamil.

She’s a very active girl at night. A bit nocturnal at the moment even. lol We’ll get it sorted out. Many people have the same problem… there is an old wives tale about “flipping the baby”, meaning turning her over a certain way, to flip the sleeping cycle… but to me that sounds like a bucket of double hopped hokum; I’ll still try it however. Stranger things have happened. The Circadian Rhythm of an infant is not quite the same as an adult… but she does most of her sleeping through the day, in periods of 3-5 hours at times, and at night she will not sleep at all… She’ll close her eyes and let you think she is sleeping… but the second you really move to nap yourself, her pretty little eyes open and she’s up and at em again. lol

She makes the cutest sounds. Doesn’t cry often, except when hungry or when she wants a diaper change. This is partially why I call her agreeable.

I sing to her sometimes at night. It keeps her calm and she stares at me intently… probably wondering what the heck I’m doing. She seems to enjoy it, so I enjoy it. I might post a video of that later.

We always try to warm her bottles, but at times it is hard to wait until they reach the right temperature. She doesn’t mind a cool, or even a slightly cold bottle of formula. It doesn’t seem to upset her stomach or anything; we’ve got a pretty good method of feeding her that prevents a lot of spit ups. (Detailed in previous post I believe)

We went to a dinner the other night for my cousin’s daughter. It was the first time Amelia met much of her extended family; it was an enjoyable time. I hadn’t been over to their place for dinner in many years.

She still hasn’t met my dad yet, but there are difficulties there. He smokes a lot in his apartment so I can’t take her over there. His health isn’t great either so travelling isn’t always easy. I’ll take Amelia over to my sister’s place, cook us a nice roast beef dinner and he can meet her there. He smokes to the tune of ten cartons a month… I wouldn’t take her into any home where smoking is permitted inside, let a lone one steeped in a level of nicotine and tar that makes me feel ill sitting in it. It’s a shame it’s taking so long for him to meet her, but I warned him. He understands at least.

I haven’t been totally idle on the writing front during the last week. I’ve actually written a piece that’s sitting at 8500 words or so at the moment on my experiences with stress, anxiety, and depression and how I cope exactly. I’m unsure of whether or not I will post it. To be frank it’s not really happy memories; it all served a purpose in the long run I guess… but that doesn’t mean they are enjoyable experiences I like to think about or share. The idea behind that piece is to have people relate to my experiences, or at least for them to realize I am not blowing smoke up their ass, and then give them some new means to cope. It could help a lot of people.

I shared these experiences in mental health in part on Facebook years ago, though it was written far more emotionally back then. I’ve come a long way in understanding myself and what I went through since then.
I probably will post it… I’d just like to tweak it more I think. It’s already very long though still a condensed version of events… I could shorten it and it would lose some context, or I could lengthen it and chop it up into a few entries. Not sure. Will probably just slap it up as is, even though I don’t particularly feel it is well written. I don’t have time to edit as much as I’d like.

Many people on my Facebook have been looking at my blog, I’m unsure of who exactly has been watching, but I do know there are a fair amount of people on my list that don’t really respect me much, feel I am fake or that I believe I am better than them… and they like to gossip and stir up sh*t; I know many of these people keenly watch my page. They know the webpage now so even deactivating my Facebook page wouldn’t help. Why don’t I delete these people? Because that would be stupid. I know they don’t like me much, and as they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer; it’s not that they’re actually my enemies… I just really dislike gossips. Let them doubt my sincerity in my beliefs. I can sincerely say I have finally reached that point I have heard so many wiser people than I talk about… that point where a person genuinely doesn’t care what other people think of them anymore. If they want to wallow in their little gossip holes and nag and pick at the lives of others… let them. Why am I saying this? Because I want them to know I am aware of them. I don’t care what they think about me, but I’ll be damned if I’m feeding them ammo. Never confuse kindness with weakness.

Facebook is an interesting tool. It’s allowed me some great experiences in writing over the last few years, especially in the realm of argumentative debate. I find it’s a great place to read the news. It’s also good for planting seeds of wisdom… With such a wide audience on some pictures and links, a well written piece can have a resounding impact. You can actually change the way some people think on social networking sites. It’s not just a toy… it’s a place where people share ideals and beliefs… and also pick them up. It’s also fun to combat ignorance, arseholes, bullies, misinformation and to also spread awareness of certain world events. There is a lot going on around the world that Western Media simply does not report. It doesn’t fit the Western agenda for it to be broadcast here. Google riots around the world on youtube or google.

The people are angry and will be heard… just not in North America.

Anyway, this post kind’ve went aways off from where it was intended to go.

Amelia is doing well. Kristen is doing well. I am doing well. So’s Bailey.

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