Baby Update, October 28, 2012

It’s been a rough week in many ways, but Amelia is doing very well.

She’s a very agreeable baby. Only really cries when she’s cold during changing/bath time or if we take slightly too long to warm up a bottle. lol

We’re very lucky in that respect, though I’m not foolish enough to believe she will remain so quiet. 🙂

She’s growing incredibly well. Would not fit the newborn diapers at about 2 weeks, they were too tight around her thighs at that point. Her hair is coming in quickly… it’s still up in the air as to what colour it’s actually going to be. My hair, I think I mentioned before, didn’t settle in colour until my teens. This is common for many people, so I’ve taken the stance of just patiently waiting to see. It doesn’t really matter what colour it is in the grand scheme of things. She’s healthy… and that is what matters most. I’m working towards getting the formula contaminant tested… will probably end up paying for a lab to test it myself. So that is always in the back of my mind… but I won’t allow myself to focus on it as much now (don’t think for a second that means I’m dropping it). It takes too much time from my little family if I do. Maybe I’ll line up the testing, offer Enfamil one last chance to cover the cost. If they don’t I’ll pay and file in small claims court to get the cost of it back. I can’t see the testing being that expensive. If I can fit it on my credit card, I will.
Thanks again, Enfamil. You’ve certainly soured much of what was supposed to be nothing but happiness. I have a fairly good idea of how this is going to go down, so I don’t need to worry about it.

Back to my star sparkle. Her eyes are unusually coloured I find, but they could very well be normal for infants… I’ll post a picture when I can get a good one of the iris. No, I won’t use the flash or let the infrared sensor blast her in the eyeball; don’t worry. My camera has soft macro lights that are LED. It’s great for stuff like this. (Pentax Optio WG II… it’s Jamie-proof and is amazingly useful for on-the-go photography. It’s great quality and isn’t overly expensive for what you get. Kristen paid for half as a birthday present. ❤ )

For now, here is my eye up close. Did I mention I love macro photography? lol I’ll get an even better one of it later. Battery was dying.

Eye colour is interesting. Kristen’s are brown, but I find they have a bit of a red to them.

Eye Upclose, Green/yellow eye, Green Eye, Hazel Eye, Brownish/Green Eye

My eye up close. I call them green. They look a bit different from normal standing distance obviously. Some people call them yellow. Some have said “cat’s eyes”.
Powder green is how I see them from a distance. lol
The 6 bright spots are the macro lights reflecting off the lens.

I’ll add one of Amelia’s eye below mine, maybe one of Kristen’s too. Later though. (Update: here they are. Didn’t turn out to well for Amelia’s eye.)

Baby Eye, Newborn Eye Upclose, Newborn Eyes

Amelia’s Eye

Mommy’s Eye.

Brown Eye, Dark Eye, Brown Iris, Brownish-Red Eyes, Red  Eye

Kristen’s Eye!

She still likes to wake in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve found that this is when she likes to go #2, so she’s fairly active for a few hours at least until it happens. She tends to go about once or twice a day… in large volume. Sorry, sweetie. lol It’s efficient. I’ll give her that… it’s nice too because it means it’s NOT ALWAYS poopy diapers!

When I was a baby… well, as I have often been told by my mother and sister… I filled my diapers like a full-grown man. lol
I don’t laugh as much about that anymore. How can something so sweet and innocent do such a thing? lol It’s horrible!!! (But this, I am assure, is what babies do best. Don’t be embarrassed, sparkle. Everybody poops!)

She has a bit of a crooked smile like me now. One side lifts more. Technically, she isn’t supposed to be able to smile yet but any parent I have heard mention it swears up and down their child smiled early as well.

She has a ‘lazy eye’ like me too. Not really lazy, just one sits more open than the other a bit and is more responsive to facial muscle movement.

Her fingers are so long we’ve had many “she’s a pianist!” comments. lol I jokingly say “Did you just call my daughter a p#nis??” sometimes. lol

She makes the most adorable cooing sounds.

All the proper reflexes are present. She even displayed the fencer’s pose (Tonic Neck Reflex) during her first week, which as I have read in some articles, should appear more towards the one month mark (I’m sure many babies do this). She’s doing very well though.

Interestingly enough, this experience is stoking up my interest in anthropology. It’s amazing that we still have so many reflexes ingrained in us.

The startle reflex for instance… I read one article that suggested this is a reaction from when our ancestors basically had the baby on them 24/7. So if there was a sudden movement or sound, they would grasp in case they were about to fall off of mom.

I like researching the different milestones and seeing how she is doing. It doesn’t mean much, unless you notice something is not happening properly or at all. Not rooting/latching can be a big problem.
We have about 4 different bottles with different nipples and she has no problems using the different styles. Again, very agreeable child. Doesn’t mind the bottle a bit cool  either, though I notice she’s more likely to spit up a bit if it’s cool.

I have a system for feeding. I keep her sitting upright. Will feed about an ounce (50ml), burp her til she burps, feed her the other half, then burp, then keep her sitting upright for at least 30 minutes. I find she spits up far, far less when I do this. She got a big bubble of air or something under her food earlier in the week and projectile vomited all over me. This was actually due to the nipples of the Playtex Ventaire bottles I believe. For some reason, the holes have gotten larger and allow too much fluid through. She eats it too fast, and will puke big time because of it. As I come across these nipples I set them aside for when she is older. (I think it may be happening to all of them, which makes me wonder how well made their nipples are. I am actually preferring the Aventi bottles. Though I think I would like glass if I had my way. Might go get some actually. Then I can just boil the living heck out of everything.

The lack of sleep makes me somewhat irritable at times. Stress too. A lot of that stress melts right away when I focus on my ladies though. Kristen and I got to sleep in the same bed for a few hours together tonight. Doesn’t happen often these days. We’re still sleeping in the living room primarily. Either the couch or the double-size air mattress I set up. Kristen usually falls asleep on the couch, so I let her sleep there and the dog and I take the air bed… I think the dog is broken now. She’ll never like a “normal” dog bed again. lol

I might start going to Karaoke or Open Mics. Odd thing here, eh? lol
I went out for a drink with my cousin the other night. We’re both under a lot of stress and figured it had been too long since we’d gotten together. He has a daughter as well, though she’s a few years ahead of mine.  We went to a tavern our fathers used to frequent. It happened to be Karaoke night. He loves karaoke. Very out-going guy, my cousin. Probably one of my favourite people on the planet, even though we haven’t seen each other much over the years.
So he got up and sang a couple songs. I was impressed really. It takes a fair bit of courage to get up and sing in front of people you do not know. He’s a good singer in my opinion!

I sing in the car a lot when I’m a lone. Lots of variety. I think I do alright.
I haven’t actually sang in public since sometime in public school though… and I’m very aware that the way in which we hear our own voices differs greatly from how other people hear us and how we hear ourselves recorded. Because of this, I tend to assume my voice sucks and only sounds good to me. Call it a self-esteem issue if you’d like. I think I’ve written about my ankyloglossia on here somewhere. There’s a story as to why I dislike my voice.

But I figured now is a time to pop that particular fear bubble. I had amazing control of my vocal chords when I was younger and I stopped using them like that when people started calling it weird. I could say “meep” in such a high pitch at one point that it stopped a soccer game; not even kidding. Though that was before puberty. I can still control them well somewhat, though it feels more like it’s being done with muscles in my neck and throat.
I did solo’s in public school plays (In fact, myself and 4-5 other students, one of which is still a good friend of mine, wrote that entire play with the exception of the songs in Grade 5 I believe; it was against bullying and was inspirational. There was talk about doing it in other schools, but no funding to do it, if I remember correctly). Me and a female student, also named Jamie, recorded the national anthem as a duet when our teacher asked us to do so. It was used as the morning anthem at that school until it closed. The tape might still be around the schoolboard somewhere.

Anyway, so I could sing at one point in my life and figured maybe I could still do it a bit.

I first sang Horse with No Name – America (Neil Young), then my cousin and I sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatleaf (I was the female side lol I have a bit of range. And I may have sucked at it, but the crowd loved the effort anyway lol). Then I did Jeremy – Pearl Jam which happened to be the last song of the night. I think I did ok. I might see if we can go to a different bar with better selections next week if he’s up for it. I’d love to try some Sloan.

I’ve always loved singing, but always hated my voice. As I’ve said, Amelia has been a blessing which has restored a lot of lost confidence in myself over the years. I have to be strong for her. I want her to get up and sing, then laugh at those who might judge her for it.

It was actually the first time I’d been out for a drink in ages. I tend not to drink. Was fun though. 🙂

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