So I’ve had an investigator from the CFIA contact me.

They can accept the samples and do their own testing, but the method is somewhat similar to Enfamil’s. As in escalating. Lab tech has a visual inspection, microscope/pH, etc. Then decides whether it goes for further testing. I’m more comfortable trusting the CFIA with this rather than Enfamil… by far. They do not stand to gain or lose from the outcome; the conflict of interest was my main issue with Enfamil… and this is a far more acceptable option for me. Impartiality is nice. (Edit: forgot the “p” in impartiality. I don’t like spellcheck. It is cheating. lol)

He is also sending me a list of labs that could potentially test this material thoroughly at my expense. If it is affordable… I will do this with half of the samples. Haven’t looked at prices yet. I may only have enough of the substance for a one shot deal in regard to inspection/analysis (a certain amount is required). It is important it goes to the right place, for the right testing.

I got a comment today that I feel suggests I am out to gain something here. I apologize if this blog looks like I am setting myself up to get money. That was never my intention.

I have no interest in their formula, and as I have stated numerous times all I want is proper, third party testing. To clarify, the only time I would ever involve a lawyer is if my child consumed something truly noxious or dangerous… and that would be to ensure Enfamil pays for her continued medical care related to that damage. I have made this clear to Enfamil, Health Canada I believe, and the CFIA Investigator. With the exception, I guess… That if I pay for testing, I will hopefully be able to recover that cost in small claims court. May not be able to, but it would be nice. Not even sure I could file against a company like that in small claims court. I can honestly say I haven’t been looking into legal actions… it was just a thought when mentioned/suggested by a friend. Legislation I have referred to at times is in regard to the manufacturing/sale/service in the baby formula industry; this was searched out in order to tell me how they should have been dealing with this, and what options I might have. The only failure in the eyes of the law I can see, is that they failed to escalate my complaint… which hardly justifies a lawsuit. I would wager their reps in Canada have been given flying hell for this and I’d also wager Enfamil would be pretty quick to retrain them all to answer more detailed questions properly, or to forward those questions to the appropriate person that can answer. I hope they do.

As I have been told my entire life… Canada does not have the frivolous lawsuits where people win scads of money from companies for silly reasons. This isn’t really silly, but it would become fairly silly if I tried to file a lawsuit at this point. lol In Canada, we can’t easily sue anybody for any amount of money. It’s not like it is in the U.S.

In saying this all… it has the effect of providing Enfamil with the means to actually defend against a law suit. I am clearly stating: I do not feel compensation is necessary unless my child has been damaged by this company or to seek reimbursement of my costs associated with testing (and even then, small claims court, as I have said). Karen and their legal team would be very aware of this… as am I.

My girlfriend and I both have decent jobs. We’re comfortable. Not rich, but comfortable. I don’t need or want any more than that. I want this over and done with and my kid to be OK. You have no idea how stressful this has been. If my posts seem emotional or heated at times, I apologize. I usually write, then re-read and post after I have slept… to ensure I don’t post anything stupid that I will regret. I’m getting very little sleep and having to go double-time around the house to keep Kristen comfortable to help her heal. I don’t need this. I have so much crap on my plate already without this.

If you think I’m out to gain here… follow this blog and let me prove you wrong. I have no problem with that.

What I want from this… ideally… is a lab result clearly stating what this matter is and that it is harmless. I won’t feel like a fool for pushing this; in fact I’ll be pretty damned pumped.

No one, Health Canada and CFIA included, has yet to tell me I am wrong in crying Conflict of Interest on this. I have every right to be uncomfortable trusting that company to test its own shoddy product and if they hadn’t failed so miserably in the customer service aspect of this, I would not have had to make it public. They were ignoring me. It wasn’t until I started making noise publicly that they were actually willing to seriously talk to me and answer my questions.

I don’t want/need Enfamil’s money. Over 1500 people have seen this blog so far, and it is growing. It is enough for me to know that so many are aware of this… and that they may very well share that information with friends and family. As I have said in another post, I received advanced training in Customer Service and I can tell you this situation is going to cost them far more than I would ever receive in court. I warned them not to ignore me… A few times actually and through different means. Read the entirety of the Enfamil posts before you judge me as a mercantile arshole.

If you doubt the sincerity of my other posts in the general section, such as “The Middle Fortune ” or “Declaration of Intent”… I’ve been writing like this on Facebook for years. My friends know this. There is an established track record of my sense of righteous indignation. lol I use that term loosely. Sometimes people have the right to be upset about things, and the term righteous indignation almost carries a very negative connotation. Sticking up for what you believe in, pointing out massive flaws in the system, informing others of potential danger, is not wrong by any means. My sense of righteous indignation comes from empathy. Putting myself in the shoes of others so to say.  An injustice to one, is an injustice to all.

Maybe I will dig up some of my old posts, and move them here. Some of it is pretty good.

I check out the stats on this blog from day to day. It has been seen in the UK, Germany, US, Canada, and oddly enough, Slovakia. Primarily the US and Canada.

People are googling the blog by name, and using my full name as well. The tags used are drawing hundreds of hits. If you google “Enfamil Contaminants”, you will probably find this blog somewhere in there. I will also add alt tags to the Enfamil pictures when I have time… which will make them much more apparent using the image search function on Google. I want people to see this stuff. Not to maliciously hurt Enfamil, but rather to solidly put the idea out there that people should be pushing for third party testing in this situation! If enough people push for it… the industry may have to yield.

I am not wrong in challenging Enfamil or making the situation public. I see a bigger problem here within the formula/food industry. It is under-regulated and rife with conflict of interest… and this is food for our babies!

So, to those that think I am greedy and trying to capitalize I say: “Carry on. The door is right there, don’t let it slap your ass too hard on the way out.”

The people closest to me, the people in my city that know me, know me well enough to know that this is not about money. I’m not worried about it.

2 thoughts on “Testing…

    • Thank you!

      Honestly I’m fairly new to this.
      What I have been doing is making sure to tag my posts with words related to the content… Sometimes these words seem very, very obscure, but they are words that tend to be googled in relation to specific subjects which tie in to the posts. (For example, the page I am seeing associated with you is about investing in gold. For something like this I would put: Gold, Au, atomic number 79, Troy Ounce, Gold Standards, Super Conductor, Gold Leaf, How much is an ounce of gold worth, value of gold, gold investing, Aurum, Electro Plating.)
      Some may find these misleading tags, but they are all in strong relation to gold and you’d be surprised how many random hits you get from the search engines in tagging like this.
      Make sure to use the “Alt Tags” for pictures as well, as they will then come up in search engines better.

      Uh, actually, I just clued in a bit… Yahoo News… like an article??? Or did you find this in the search engine??? lol

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