Few Pics. Phone test.






Amelia and I on the couch. Bailey, our dog. Amelia on mommy. Amelia doesn’t like the camera flash. Lol

My phone got soaked last night so I had to go get another today; expensive any way you look at it really, but it was time. I cheaped out last time and it sucked. Do not buy a low-grade smartphone if you can help it. Not a place to save money unless you can get a deal. Trust me.

Yes. I tried burying the wet phone in rice… first time that trick has failed me actually…

The Galaxy Apollo was an expensive paperweight. Galaxy S3 is much better and not overly expensive if you get a good offer. I had to buy out a bit of the old contract and felt it wise to get a Jamie proof case. Lol jacked the price a bit but I’m happy with it and have access to more useful and better apps now (you have no idea how much the Apollo sucked, and if you do… I feel your pain lol). Check out the Tools or Utilities section of your smartphone store to see what I mean about useful apps.

Just testing the camera and trying out the WordPress app. My old android was a thoroughbred POS. This one I like. Very pleased with it!

This may seem like a dumb purchase with a new baby… rest assured the expense is justifiable. No, I will not explain further. No offense intended.

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