Ups and Downs

So I find I am having to take a bit of time off work in order to minimize stress at this point. Can’t really afford it, but the mountain of stressors I am under thoroughly sucks a fair bit so I’m being pro-active in addressing it. I’m a casual employee so it shouldn’t affect my career.

There’s a lot of sickness in my family at the moment. My dad had the unfortunate experience of receiving a crooked Personal Support Worker, I’m not pleased with how our local hospital conducted themselves during our labour and delivery (may write about this later), and the Enfamil thing is just foul gravy on top of it all. This is just the surface really. I’d love to vent about it all, but I can’t. Not my place to speak about much of it publicly.

I’ve deactivated my Facebook for now. It was mentioned to me by a higher up from Enfamil on Friday I believe that some of their workers had been perusing my facebook, which makes me uncomfortable to say the least. It’s my fault I guess, I clicked the “Like” button on them for easy reference later. One of these workers, as I mentioned in a previous post, thought my daughter looked really cute in professional photos Kristen had done. It was just creepy and an obvious attempt to butter me up.

I’m trying to find a decent formula to supplement with, but I am finding that even those labelled “organic” are often not much better than the cheaper, more manufactured products. It’s amazing that companies are still allowed to market their products as healthy and wholesome when beneath the surface there are many issues that never seem to make it to public notice. I’ll keep posting what I find.

Karen from Enfamil, who assured me she would be looking into a few things, has not gotten back to me yet. I texted her cell phone this morning asking if there was any progress. Maybe it didn’t get through, but it did send successfully. Maybe she’s sleeping, or busy. Who knows. All I can do is sit here and wait.

Health Canada has forwarded my Incident Complaint to the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). I emailed them as well giving them a brief description of events as from my point of view, and I believe I directed them to this blog for further reference.

I was lucky enough to receive a reply from an expert in the field of breastfeeding. He’s given us some great advice. Even on vacation, he was willing to take the time to reply and for this I will be forever thankful. Though I’ll wait a week or so before emailing to say this so as not to interrupt his vacation further. lol

I have not received a response from the lab at Queen’s University, though to be honest I’m not even sure if this is something up their alley or something they’d even want to be involved in. Maybe they’re busy.

I have emailed CBC and asked them to take a look at this blog. I don’t really want to have some big public thing, I like my quiet little life… but I do not feel, even now, that Enfamil hasbeen very accomodating, all things considered.

I’ve had a few friends suggest I sue. But I couldn’t afford it anyway and going up against a company like that would just be an exercise in futility. I’m sure they have a well-funded legal team… and I’m sure they are already all over this.

I’m not really the type to sue someone. I’d rather appeal to the human side of things and work things out amicably; and I have tried this… but when you are dealing with an entity that holds no actual emotion such as a corporation, and places the value of currency over everything else… how do you make an impact that shows them how much damage they have done to you? I’d still rather not have it come to that. It’s a long, drawn out process and I really do not want the stress. I’ve been trying for the past few years to remove stress from my life, and it just seems to keep piling up instead. Such is life. I like to think things happen for a reason, but I cannot fathom what in the nine hells this could produce that is good. Public knowledge maybe? Hopefully the next person this happens to has an easier go of things. Maybe this blog will help.

Anyway, enough about law; it’s just a thought and I don’t have the money anyway. I’m just trying to relate some of the things I am having to go through here.
It’s the sitting and waiting that is hard. Wondering how things will turn out, if my daughter is ok, if people really do support me in this. I’ve had a surprising number send me messages of support, but overall I still feel fairly alone here.

I’m not overreacting. I’m not trying to gain anything. This was supposed to be the greatest thing to happen in our lives and Enfamil is shitting all over it.

I have to go grocery shopping. Have a good day.

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