Aluminum in Formula/Update

An update will follow the Aluminum bit.

So, I’ve been in contact with an expert that pointed out a very startling fact that I have somehow not come across. Aluminum in formula.

Rather than trying to explain this to you myself, I will provide you with a link to an article by a physician. It is from May 2012, but I have found articles on this as far back as 2010, and I would wager it goes far beyond that. There are many, many, many similar articles out there.

I’ll be switching formulas again, and hopefully the breasts are involved asap.

Enfamil will not pay for a third party lab. At least that is the impression I got today. They would like it sent to their main medical lab in Evansville, Indiana, and I have been assured of their most thorough testing, but there are issues getting it across the border without the border patrol inspecting it and most probably destroying the samples in the process. This is the only option Enfamil is really giving me… along with encouraging me to follow up on testing elsewhere, such as through Health Canada… who hasn’t contacted me yet. I believe they would be willing to fly me to Indiana to actually watch the testing, due moreso in part to poor customer service I think, but I cannot drop everything here, miss work, leave Kristen and Amelia alone, to ensure this is done right. I’d like to, but I do not feel I can do that. It’s still a conflict of interest, and they still have not really refuted this point. They will verbally dance around and say that this is common practice and government standard, but they will not say I am wrong. I’m not wrong.

Unfortunately, formula is a big deal on the black market. As I have mentioned before, it carries less jail time than smuggling drugs or other goods. So the last news article I saw on the issue claimed. This means a small box with a sample of brown gunk in a baggy with a single can of formula, no matter the explanation, is going to look very, very, very suspicious to border guards. Enfamil suggested I call the Border Patrol Agency and ask the best way to avoid inspection… to which I replied I would rather not be on all the government watch lists. It was actually almost funny.

I was called Jeff by the Enfamil Rep today. Innocent mistake I am sure, but it certainly didn’t make me feel like I’m that big of a concern at this point. It happens, but still stings. Thanks Korin… I mean, Karen.

I’ve been assured now the company will look into whether or not one of their employees has been posting on this blog, labelling me as negligent and trying to undermine me. It is a legal issue… again tying in to a conflict of interest and goes against most standard business protocols. Could be a random, but I don’t think whoever posted that realizes they gave me a facebook email address and their IP address. I am suspicious, and if you saw the page, you would be too, but I have no proof. I will turn the information over to the Better Business Bureau at some point for them to investigate. It is a serious breach of conduct if an employee did this. Again, this is not an accusation, but from what I have seen it warrants further inspection and should be noted. As I stated before, Enfamil employees have taken an interest in this. Enfamil Canada did not forward my request on facebook for the company to investigate this. Maybe that particular rep wasn’t working or something… though they did see my post about Karen not calling at 11 or so I believe… She’s on vacation, and was only 30 minutes late or so. Not a big deal, just wanted to make sure she called. Thanks for taking your time to deal with this Karen, though I am sure you’re still being well reimbursed for your time. Ask them for overtime.

Again, the more I learn about big formula… the more disgusted I am. From what I am being told by Enfamil… this is all OK with the FDA and Health Canada. What the hell? This is like a nightmare.

Personally, I think it would make sense to have one centre in each country that specifically tests for contaminants like this in an unbiased setting, funded by the food manufacturing industry, controlled by people that have nothing to gain or lose, and are protected from the companies either bullying or buying them. This could be applied to other products as well, such as soft drinks and the like to ensure there is no conflict of interest in these investigations. Sending this stuff across borders, having to deal with international law, having the companies at fault responsible for testing their own products… is outright dangerous and irresponsible. This isn’t a naive thought. Don’t sell stuff loaded with contaminants, especially to infants, if you’re not prepared to stand by it and play ball in a way that doesn’t mean you own the field, and the ball, and the bat. I feel very small right now. Her whole demeanor seemed to be much different from Friday. More firm. (karen)

This is infant formula. In spite of what Enfamil may say or believe, the digestive tract of an infant is sensitive to toxins and absorbs many, many things readily. Read the article I provided. Read up on how much damage it can cause to a child of any age eating toxins.

Yet I’m not supposed to be concerned about my 6 day old daughter in this situation; and I’m supposed to trust a multi-billion dollar corporation, who has proven to me it panders to shareholders bank accounts over customers, to test this substance to ensure my childs continued health. This is f***ing disgusting. Pardon my language.

I need to get some sleep.

My biggest peeve here, is what this is doing to Kristen. She is upset, I am upset. It makes her more upset to see that I am upset each time I am given the run around or the same BS answers. She’s recovering from major surgery with an infection and this is what she needs? Thanks Enfamil. You have no idea the damage your apathy causes to people. As I have said, the individual might care, but the policies and practices of the industry and company prevent the individual from actually doing anything that might improve the situation.
This stress could affect her milk production, forcing us further to formula. This sucks.

When I get up, I’m contacting the media. Not an ideal thing by any means, but I’m tired of this so I think I will just let them have at it; I have a daughter to raise and a partner to care for.. Always been fond of Q with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC; maybe he’d find it interesting. Moxy Fruvous rocks btw. 🙂 (He was in it years ago)

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