Gift for a Friend…

Earlier this year for Kristen’s Birthday, I commissioned a painting.

A relative of mine is an excellent artist and writer. I would give my left foot to be able to create an image as he can. It really is incredible. He took this skill and put together a bunch of Speed Painting videos with some aid from his wife, and I couldn’t help but think this was an excellent opportunity to get something unique for my one and only.

It’s of me, based off a picture taken in my living room by Kristen. I picked the song.

Portait of James –

I also requested this… lol

It’s the Dr. Who Tardis going through the vortex, to the Dr. Who theme. Love it!

Check out some more of his work! He’s done like the entire main character selection from The Hobbit! Tons of comic book characters, some from Game of Thrones, and UFC! He takes requests! šŸ˜€

Think before you flame...

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