Big Formula

So, I have been reading up more on big formula… specifically in regard to the World Health Organization and different practices in the industry.

Google Jack Newman, Formula Controversy, or WHO Baby Formula Code.

In light of what I have been reading, I cannot in good conscious remove or make private my enfamil posts. People need to see this stuff. Big formula is putting money ahead of the well-being of infants and families and I owe them absolutely zilch for how they have treated me in this situation and their failue to take my complaint seriously… and their failure to escalate my complaint when I was not satisfied with their answer. They ignored me for days, putting my child at further risk. I have been outright called negligent on this blog by one person (who I question the validity of… I doubt you are a random), and the reasoning behind this is because I haven’t sent anything in to Enfamil.

I have made my position clear. Ideally this stuff would have been tested days ago, but it is Enfamil that has held up the process with their poor customer service which has actually broken laws in place to prevent such situations.

I have filed a complaint with Health Canada which asks them specifically to test the substance as well. This takes time, which is why I first tried to get Enfamil to have proper, unbiased testing conducted. If self-testing is industry standard, then industry standard should change to reflect the best interest of infants. These companies are responsible for many, many deaths around the globe… specifically due to their marketing practices in developing nations. I’m sure the situation has improved, but my experience with formula since the birth of my daughter has been so stressful and outright unbelievable that I cannot think they have the best interest of anyone but their shareholders at heart.

In 1981 the world health organization (WHO), created a code, with the help of big formula, to set a standard in place to prevent big formula from doing such harm to infants and families around the globe. Since that day, big formula has flagrantly ignored that code anywhere they can. Many developing nations have enacted it as legislation to protect families and infants from dangerous business practices.

No. These posts are staying up indefinitely until I see some sort of change in how things are done.

Formula has its place in the world. Right now, Kristen and I do not have a choice as she is on antibiotics. I understand it is necessary… what is not necessary are large companies pushing their crap on people as though it is a great alternative to breast feeding (it really isn’t unless you have no choice or a medical condition/situation).

I’ve never been so disgusted with an industry in my life… and I have certainly never been treated so poorly by one.

Think before you flame...

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