Baby Update Oct 20, 2012.

So Kristen booked a newborn photo shoot with a local photgrapher some months ago; we just had it the other night. It’s not something I would have thought of really. I tend to take a lot of pictures myself, so a professional photographer just wouldn’t be something I would seek out.

I’m not going to post pictures until we get the real ones that lack the watermark logo. I’d like to retain some semblance of peace and quiet in my life, and partial anonymity aids in that greatly.
They’re incredibly well done! It was a good experience as well. She was perfectly sleepy the entire time and didn’t make any messes on the set. lol
I’ll write a review for the business on some other site.

Amelia is doing great. Eating well, ‘functioning’ properly. Fairly quiet. Already moving a lot… like trying to lift her head, moving it more than I actually thought an infant could at this point. For being a couple weeks early, she was very well “cooked”. lol

She’s a bit of a nightowl like me though. At about 2 AM each night she starts waking up. By 3 she is wide awake and generally she is back to sleep by 5. lol Feedings, fresh diapers, and soothing doesn’t do much to comfort her, but she tends to get dozy again if you lay with her on the bed. We keep the bassinet in the room, but we don’t sleep in the bed with her. Not worth the risk of accidental suffocation. Some nights we sleep in the living room, but I’m too lazy to dig out the air mattress and I usually end up upstairs. Her cry wakes me fairly quickly, even when I’m sleeping upstairs when she is down in the living room with Kristen. Sometimes it might be nice to not be startled awake by it. lol It’ll pass or I’ll get used to it. Either or.

I have been staying up usually; the pattern of wakefulness was pretty clear. It lets Kristen get some sleep and I usually read, write, or watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live on Netflix. She was captivated by a Matthew McConaughey episode; his voice maybe, it was a little weird. She actually turned her head and seemed to watch. lol
For what it’s worth Matt, I’m a Dirk Pitt fan and thoroughly enjoyed Sierra. lol

I heard an intersting story on CBC a couple years ago about a woman whose baby ended up with a disrupted Circadian Rhythm.

This is not the case for us, I think, I doubt someone this young could be disrupted without establishing a set pattern of sleep, but the womb plays a role as well I would guess. Sleep occurs there too.
This woman had to stay up an extra hour each night/day, keeping the baby awake as well, working her way around the clock until bedtime finally hit that sweet spot. Once the pattern was established, she didn’t have the problem any longer. Just an interesting story.

Anyway, we’re going to bed. Enjoy your weekend.

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