Last Attempt with Enfamil

So I have taken a step back a bit and given Enfamil some time to try contacting me after putting this all on their facebook pages. They didn’t. Didn’t even reply on facebook to my last message detailed in “Further Down the Rabbit Hole with Enfamil”.

I understand that a public information campaign like this is generally not regarded as productive or a good idea by authorities, but I honestly felt it was in the best interest of my child to verbally twist their arm and get this done fast. It didn’t work. They have not replied to my facebook post, they have not emailed me, they have not called. I could potentially have sought testing at the local health association… but as I have stated, I do not feel this is a test the taxpayer’s should be paying for. Amelia is in no imminent danger I believe, again, as I have stated, it is longterm consequences of this that I am concerned about; what if the substance damaged her kidneys? Or brain? If this is not tested properly and it did damage her, there will be no consequences for the company. They will not have to pay her medical bills even if they damaged her. Without proper testing, any condition she might end up with that could have been caused by that formula would just be considered an unfortunate tragedy. If this was a chunk of vitamin or mineral, if the contents of that can were overloaded with something, I want to know and I have the bloody right to know. A pH test, sniff test, or whatever they do is not good enough. I could do that in my kitchen! They won’t even bother to give me a detailed explanation of their testing procedures to put my mind at ease.

It’s too late for me to hand it over to them. Zero trust. None.

It is important that the samples I have be tested thoroughly and properly by a company that does not stand to gain or lose anything from the results. This means a government lab or a lab of my choosing.

Perhaps they are hoping I drop it or just send in the samples, or maybe they’re acting to protect themselves legally. So sue me. Let’s see what side of that argument people take… they’d be cutting their own throats.

I am slightly concerned that pushing this issue may very well set precedence for a new policy of testing with this product. As much as I would love to see Enfamil, and all formula makers, pay for third party testing of their contaminated products… this cost would be passed along to consumers and would drive up the already ridiculous cost of baby formula. The impact of that would be devastating, though it wouldn’t be felt except by those at home, worrying about running out of formula and how they are going to get more. If I make them do the right thing, they will just shift things around to get that cost back at our expense. I don’t want to be the cause of thousands of underfed infants potentially. They don’t care if you can afford to feed your child.

Dr. Jack Newman is an excellent person to look to if you would like more information about the baby formula industry. They have caused a lot of damage around the globe with their products. Yes, formula is necessary… it is the advertising/costs that are damaging, not the formula itself usually. (Though formula has also become a major item on the black market as the jail time for smuggling it is far less than that of drugs, weapons, and many other items.)

So I have posted this below my conversation with their rep on both the American and Canadian Enfamil Facebook pages:

“I still have not received any communications from your company.

If I have not received a call, you have my number, by the time I am home from work around 6PM EST… the first form I fill out is this one.

Then I will contact their lab in the AM. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB regardless of whether you submit to proper testing at this point due to your lack of proper customer service during this matter.

If all else fails, I will be sending a well written article on shady baby formula practices, focused on your company, to every major newspaper and magazine in North America.

All I want is proper reassurance that you are going to tell me *exactly* what this stuff is… and you refuse.”

Even if I did write and send an article, I doubt it would be taken seriously or published.

My 6 day old infant, whose immune system was not yet established, consumed the entire contents of a contaminated can of formula… and the company won’t even agree to actually test it properly. This is the world we brought a child into.

Apparently, whoever runs that company cares very little for the well-being of their infant customers. They make millions, if not billions from selling this stuff, and when you complain that their product may have poisoned your child…. they throw policy at you and ignore you. They are protected by government policy and standards… which I intend to challenge as well when the time comes. I believe, though I do hope I am wrong, that Health Canada will say that Enfamil works within the regulations of its industry and that this testing is “industry standard” across the board. I will not accept this as an answer. I will not be forced to let that company test its own product, even if I have to pay for testing myself and sue to reclaim my costs. Not that I can afford to sue; but I would increase the limit on my credit card to the point I could fit a damn good lawyer on it.

They are going to call me unreasonable (do I seem unreasonable to you?). They are going to accuse me of seeking to capitalize from this (I have asked for nothing but proper testing). They will probably call it New Parent Anxiety. They will use this blog against me, calling it inappropriate and slanderous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to say I am unbalanced. This is not obsessive or inappropriate behaviour, this is me reacting to an unfortunate event inflicted on my family by this company. They are going to try to undermine me in ways I probably can’t even envision yet.

To be honest, the birth of Amelia has been an amazing event for me. I feel whole again. So many stressful issues in my life have been resolving, some on their own, some because I fought like hell to make it happen. I will write about these experiences at a later date.

They have until 6PM tonight… and then I take the gloves off.

The greatest lesson I can ever teach you, Amelia, is never to mistake kindness for weakness.

Think before you flame...

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