Don’t I think?

I was going to reply to this comment as a comment… but then I decided it’s a question worth answering more openly.

“Don’t you think that by not sending it to them and not letting them test it you are making them unable to determine what it is and where it came from? How are they suppose to fix a problem they don’t know they have? You in fact would be the reason for more contamination and possibly,god forbid, the illness of a child.”


What is the point of sending it in to a company that stands to lose so much if she IS sick? It would be absolutely stupid to send them the sample. Conflict of Interest. Not once have they been able to refute this point.  Nor can they. It’s not there for debate, it is ethical fact.

I have made it clear to them that I have no interest in their formula and that compensation need not be discussed unless there is damage to my child. That compensation would go towards setting her up/medical expenses, depending on the damage done. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case, and at this moment she seems no worse for wear. That does not necessarily mean she did not ingest a huge dose of something that could say, damage her kidneys irreparably in the course of a few hours. If there was a huge dose of something, she’s long since ingested it and the damage is done. Read past the next line for more on that.

I am finding the best course of action in order to have this material properly tested, as soon as possible, by someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the outcome.

Two physicians have been made aware of this, while they were disgusted, they both didn’t seem to think it warranted their immediate concern; our GP gave the impression that this is quite common (not with Enfamil, but in the world of formula). I was told to take it up with the company and to keep an eye on my daughter; I keep a close eye and I tried to speak with the company about proper testing and they have been the ones holding this up. Did you bother to read all the posts? Or are you one of Enfamil’s employees lurking me again? 2 Useless phone calls. 2 ignored emails. Ignored on their facebook page and in general for 2 days or so before I finally show them I’m going to file a complaint, THEN they call? Yes. Haven’t I been negligent here. Give your head a shake.

I spoke with them this evening and the issue is moving forward, in a direction that does not conflict with the best interests of my child.

To be quite frank, I would not be surprised one bit if you were an employee of Enfamil or a relative/friend of one. With the treatment I have received thus far, it’s hard not to consider the possibility. This is not an accusation towards Enfamil, but rather the understanding that Enfamil employees have taken an interest in this (they have to, it’s their job), and have even viewed my facebook page. (I “Liked” them, which gave them access to my page. Have since removed it. They think my daughter is real cute though.) If you are an Enfamil employee, or a relative of one, I suggest you do not post to this blog at all. Ask Enfamil’s legal department why.

I will be sending the material to Health Canada and hopefully a 3rd party facility for examination if we can find one with the capabilities; if not, I still have, what I found to be from speaking with them tonight, their assurance of full testing at their company in the US. Which is better than nothing if all else fails. Had I sent it in normally, I don’t think it would have made it past the initial inspection, which is absolutely unacceptable and exactly why I was not foolish enough to send it in. I have been assured that they are regulated beyond belief, but that does little to make me regain any trust for this company at this point in time. As I have been told, there are not many labs in the country that can even test it properly, so it’s something I need to look into a bit. As do they. They are cooperating, if only for the improper treatment of the situation.

Much of this was a failure in their customer service department. Adequate explanations were there, but were not actually brought to me despite numerous attempts at seeking them. Yes, unfortunately sh*t, metaphorically,  gets through and ends up in all products. Bound to happen when you use automated factories and methods. That does not mean a parent does not have the right to ask for unbiased testing of a potentially noxious substance that has made its way into their childs food supply.
I am not saying all Enfamil is toxic crap. All I wanted was my unfortunately bad can and its contents to be tested. That’s it. This isn’t a crusade to take down big formula, even if the industry does deserve it; the sooner I can pull all this crap down off the page, the better. I don’t enjoy this. I’d rather spend time with my daughter.

You really must think I am stupid. Or you are purposefully trying to undermine me. Or you’re just a troll (If so, do know I often write like this. It’s not a flustered rant. lol)

Had you waited a few more hours before making that ridiculously insulting statement, you would have come here to find a post with an update. This is consuming enough of my time without pandering to fools like you. No offense.

Troll elsewhere.

Karen, I know I said I would take down some of the Enfamil posts as a gesture of good will, and I do intend to remove them in time. But for now I think it may be in my best interest to leave the full story up. Especially with people outright accusing me of negligence now. Thanks.

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