Further Down the Rabbit Hole with Enfamil

I find that a fitting title because this is almost hard to believe… but it’s the kind of ‘respect’ for customers I have come to expect from large corporations. All about money, no concern for the well-being of others once they have their cash in hand; any concern is a rehearsed act intended to placate and deflect liability. The Tail Light Warranty we called it in construction; saw customers complain about it a lot in regard to past work done for them. Once the distance is established it makes it hard for the customer to cry nay. Enfamil knows that OHIP will not allow our medical professionals to run tests on this. I do not feel KFLA (public health) should be responsible for this testing either. Why should the taxpayers pay for this? Did you guys’ all make the formula? Did you fail to inspect it carefully enough? Are you dicking me around? No. Enfamil did that. They should be sucking up the cost. Ever hear the term “just the cost of doing business”? Well this is it, and they are refusing it. Real responsible, Enfamil.

Years ago I received advanced customer service training through St. Lawrence College/Job Connect/The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation. Service Excellence certified, if you’ve ever heard of it. I doubt Enfamil has. The way they are handling this is disgusting to say the least. Insult to injury over and over. Failure to acknowledge my complaints directly and address them. Failure to put the health of my child ahead of their BS policies.

In a moment I will post in this thread Enfamil’s reply to my blog links posted on their facebook pages. It also includes my reply to their post. This is taking place on Enfamil Canada and the plain American Enfamil pages on Facebook. They haven’t deleted them… yet. Once it reaches a certain point, I am sure they will… which is why I am posting it here. Public record of it.

Before that, I would like to apologize to my daughter for having to use this blog to spread awareness of this situation. This is not what I intended, Amelia.
At the very least you will know I cared enough to fight for this on your behalf. I’m sorry you had to read this all… but I will never apologize for protecting you. Perhaps I will delete it in a few years and save you the disgust of knowing you ate some mysterious crud in a can. No, I’ll do you one better and guarantee this will be gone by the time you can even read. I’ll save it elsewhere and change the names.

If this seems confusing, it kinda is. “Becky” and “John” are reps from the Enfamil Canada and normal Enfamil pages on facebook, apparently run, or controlled, by the same person/department. Odd, since one of their reps told me the bacterial recall they had a few years ago in the US shouldn’t matter… because it was in the US and not Canada. Is this sh*t not disturbing you yet? Apparently geography negates stuff like that. I’d love to get those phone calls on here. You guys’ haven’t heard the half of it. I’m still trying to be accomodating here.

I’ve decided it is in my families best interest to keep a record of this situation on here. Apologies if this isn’t as interesting as other topics I could be writing about.

“Hi Jamie and everyone following this thread,

There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of the children who consume our products. That’s why all our products undergo extensive quality and safety checks. We release product only when it meets our rigorous standards, and samples of every batch we produce are retained as an extra measure of safety.

Sometimes, parents contact us with questions or concerns about products they’ve purchased. We take all these concerns very seriously, for we understand and appreciate the trust that parents put in every batch of our formula. In every market we do business, we have established a strict set of procedures that we follow whenever we receive a question or complaint. Those procedures may vary somewhat based on certain circumstances — such as whether the formula in question is in powder or liquid form — but we make sure that we adhere to the appropriate protocol in response to every question.

In Jamie’s case, our Team in Canada requested the product be sent to them, including the can, to ensure the scientific integrity of our tests. They will then analyze the product for odor, color, texture, and pH (an indication of spoilage). They will also check for foreign matter, and perform other assessments.

This is the process our Canadian Team follows in case of concern about any of our products – whether it comes to us through telephone, email or social media – and they are following it now. As soon as they receive the sample from Jamie, they will be able to begin their analyses and testing. We take great care to ensure our products are safe and of the highest quality and that’s why we’ve earned the trust of millions of parents and healthcare providers.

Jamie, thank you again for bringing this to our attention. (Becky, Enfamil U.S.)
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Jamie P**** Hi “Becky”. Since you and “John” are so on the same page with this (nice script PR guy). Here is my response to his pitiful attempt at damage control.

Sorry for the delay, had a baby photoshoot for the little one.

What part of “Conflict of Interest” does your company not understand?

“We can define a conflict of interest as a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her official duties as, say, a public official, an employee, or a professional.”

Source: Chris MacDonald, Michael McDonald, and Wayne Norman, “Charitable Conflicts of Interest”, Journal of Business Ethics 39:1-2, 67-74, August 2002. (p.68)

That might help. You have still not addressed this complaint and it is a very serious issue. The fact your company is not forced to run solid chemical analysis through a third party lab is reprehensible and dangerous. This is tainted formula consumed by a 6 day old infant.

Not once did your reps on the phone bother to fully explain the details of your “analysis”, which to be frank you have still not adequately described. What exactly are these “other assessments”? I want to know *exactly* what you are going to be doing with this sample before I send it to you. What are the names of these tests? What equipment is used? What is the qualification of the person conducting the test? What assurance do I have that you don’t just dump the samples and give everyone an all clear along with a case of formula? You expect me to trust you after treating me like this?

Did you not see those pictures? “Rigorous standards”? How in the heck did that stuff make it through? How do your standards fair as compared to other food sectors? This is infant formula. Whatever standard is enforced on you, you should do better if you truly care about your customers. I am not seeing a high standard of quality or of customer service here at all. You are running damage control and that is it. You have made zero effort to quell my concerns and you are still ignoring me. How bout a call from senior management? Or someone that can actually answer my questions instead of drumming off your scripts? I was trained in advanced customer service when I was younger, and I can tell you your approach completely sucks and lacks all tact.

I would like to ask you, why did Linda not respond to my emails? No phone call. No reply. Nothing. I had to call back, and even then, the next rep just sunk you further. Then I sent Linda another email, and again, no reply.
This is how you take my concerns seriously? Really? If this is how you treat your friends, I’d hate to see how you treat your enemies.

In case you haven’t noticed, I just had to smear this over a small portion of the internet just to beat that lame statement out of you.

You are making it out like I am refusing to send the can for no reason. You are taking the concern of a parent, whose child drank your tainted formula, and trying to twist it to make me seem unreasonable and paranoid. I don’t think so.

Again, forget about liability here and do what is right. Do you have any idea how much grief and concern this has caused us? Do you think I like sitting here writing this when I could be showering love on my wife and child? You dare suggest I am neglecting them over this and my next phone call will be to a lawyer. I am trying my damndest to ensure you have not poisoned my child and you are fighting me every step of the way.

I am not doing this to gain anything, though an apology would have been great, but you even failed to produce that.

Tell you what. Where is your Quality Assurance building? I will bring the samples personally and you can run your tests right infront of me.

I have to go. In fact, I have to go copy and paste this reply to Enfamil U.S.’s page… as “Becky” just happened to say the exact same thing over there too. Go figure.

Have a good night, “John”.”

I removed my last name for the sake of privacy as this has been getting a fair amount of hits from people on Facebook finding the links on different baby-related/customer service related pages where I have placed it.

Thank you to anyone that has bothered to read this. I truly do appreciate the time you took; do me a favour and mention this to just one person today. Feel free to share. Check back some other time and maybe this won’t be a depressing mire of BS.

I’m so very tired of this shit.

I swear because she will never see this. Sorry folks. This is very frustrating.

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