To Enfamil…

I have been having some troubles with Enfamil. There is a lot more detail to be said than the content of what I am about to post, but this gives you a nice feel for what I am going through because of this company. I posted this on Enfamil Canada’s facebook wall after sending two emails and speaking with 2 different reps. You wouldn’t believe how flawed this system is folks. It protects the company, not the child.

“Just want to politely point out… if you ever find something weird in your formula and Enfamil offers to have you mail it in at their expense… they don’t actually do any real testing on it. It’s a visual inspection. As I have been told by their reps… but they WILL let you believe they do all sorts of testing.

They are currently fighting me on chemical analysis testing at their expense after I found lots of brown gunk after rinsing out one of their cans of formula (it was stuck to the sides)… after my daughter had consumed the entire contents the day before. But don’t worry they say, it’s probably just burnt formula or a hunk of unmixed ingredients like vitamins or minerals… cause you know, chunks of vitamins and minerals in a persons food can’t result in an overdose causing massive damage to any number of the bodies systems or anything…
It could very well be burnt formula. I know this. All I want is you to prove it without a shadow of a doubt and provide me with a hard copy stating such. I do not feel this is an extreme request considering we are dealing with the health of an infant here.

Self testing of your own contaminated products is a huge conflict of interest, as I have stated multiple times. If this is ‘industry standard’ as you so put it, then industry standard needs to change.

I’m even willing to consider that your reps may be poorly representing you and the process involved. But I still demand proper testing by a qualified lab technician.

Enfamil, this isn’t at all the public information campaign as mentioned in my email. This is but a taste. You test that stuff properly or I will make you wish you had. I am not being unreasonable and this is certainly not a threat of violence. Forget about your bank account and do what’s right. I will cost you more money than a simple chemical analysis, that I swear to you. This isn’t a game you want to play with me. Delete this and I will move it to baby forums.

I am being very accomodating here even sending you partial samples of what I have; I’m even willing to forget the fact I was initially told to send it ALL in with no suggestion of retaining my own samples just in case something went wrong with my baby. I do not trust you but the entire system does not seem to leave the parents any means to find out exactly what this substance is without paying for testing ourselves, which is entirely unfair and outright dangerous… especially considering what we pay for your formula.

Your company fears liability far too much and values money over the health and well-being of infants and their families. Shame on you.

This is the last you will hear from me until I hear from you. Again, do what is right, or I will find the means to force it on you through the proper channels. I am not kidding.

Hi Linda.

Am I wrong, folks?”

It looks right now like it is in two different fonts or something…. unsure as to why. Anyway, that’s what I posted to Enfamil.

I respect the individual. I would never maliciously harm the career or life of another person…. but when it comes to corporations being treated and protected as though they are individuals I have very little compassion for their plights. And mercy for that matter.

I have stood toe-to-toe with Telus and won. If I can hammer down one of the big three telecommunication companies in Canada… how do you think Enfamil will fair? lol

My sense of righteous indignation knows no bounds when I come across situations like this; big business stomps the public in the name of greed. When I have something in my sights like this… I’m a force of nature to be reckoned with. Good luck, Enfamil. Let’s hope you make the right decisions.

The fact that this involves the health of my newborn child is even more of a driving force to initiate some change in the way this company deals with contamination issues. If I caught them on all the streamlined, liability dodging BS… how many people have taken those bogus reassurances as gospel??
“It’s probably burnt formula” does not cut it. Some idiot at your Quality Assurance building taking a quick look at it does not cut it.

Key words: Without a shadow of a doubt.

I’ll add pictures to this posting after work maybe. I document stuff like this fairly thoroughly. Two of the four opened cans of the four pack were contaminated with something. I noticed almost right away with the second, which is what tipped me off to the first really.

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