Second Email to Enfamil

I really did try to be nice and personable about this. I didn’t want the headache but it has become obvious to me that this company will never agree to pay for third party testing to ensure that my child has not consumed a toxic substance. I tried.

“Hi Linda,

I have been in touch with Purolator. The items will be shipped picked up this evening or I will take them to purolator myself in the morning if the courier does not arrive before I go to work.

I spoke with another one of your reps and I must say I am shocked that your company does not run chemical analysis on potential contaminants found in your formula. As it was put to me, you guys’ perform a visual inspection, which I stated is not good enough. Your rep suggested this could very well be burnt formula. I know this; I am not unreasonable, but this is not something I care to leave to chance. She also suggested this could be an ingredient that failed to mix properly such as a vitamin or mineral… and when I complained that this could very well lead to an overdose of said vitamins or minerals, she assured me it would be in such low quantities so as to not harm an infant. As I told her… my daughter is roughly 7 pounds. It would not take much to damage her in the way of too much of anything, let alone minerals and vitamins. This is getting shadier and shadier and I do not feel your company has proper procedures in place to adequately determine if your company has potentially poisoned a child. This is sickening and it is stress I do not need right now. You have damaged my family if only with the added stress this situation has caused.

I am sending half of what I have, as discussed. I would like to state this again… I expect chemical analysis on the brown gunk, labelled as such in the baggy, or I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in an effort to force this resolution on Enfamil; she consumed the entire liquid contents of that can before this was found, the gunk was stuck to the inside of the can. I am not being unreasonable and I do believe the BBB would be very willing to consider my side of this particular coin very carefully. My concerns are very valid and pointing out that this is “industry standard”, is not acceptable. A broken or lax system is not going to make me feel better if my child consumed say, 50 more times potassium than she should have at 6 days of age, just for the sake of example. The problem as well, with no chemical analysis Enfamil is protected from liability in regard to potential long-term, toxic effects that their formula may inadvertantly have on an infant. It’s as though the system in place for this is streamlined to protect your company, and not the child. Unacceptable. For what I am paying for formula… I know Enfamil can afford the analysis without batting an eye.

You have children. You said as much. Do you really feel that your company is properly dealing with these contaminant issues? I know I sure don’t. Would you feel reassured if you were in my position? I doubt it.

What I expect: Hard document confirmation that this substance has been inspected *and* properly analyzed using scientific means by a qualified lab technician. Considering we are discussing the potential poisoning of an infant here, I sincerely do not feel this request is a stretch or unreasonable. I want to know exactly what this substance is and I do believe I am well within my rights to ask for this. You yourself told me “This has never happened before” the first time we spoke. So, that being said by you yourself, is it not important to know exactly what this is? Wouldn’t Enfamil like to know as well? Oh, right. You guys do want to know… I just think you don’t want me to know. That’s the impression I am getting.
By your own admission this is new (even though I know better than to believe that), I’m going to hold you to what you said. Test it properly as I have politely asked or I will find the means to make Enfamil test it.

Failure to comply will result in as many complaints with as many organizations that will listen as well as my own public information campaign to point out how flawed this system really is. Your company has been omitting very important information… such as not telling me upfront that all you will do is a visual inspection.

Tell me again how Enfamil has my childs best interest at heart?… What a joke.

Please respond to this, if only blank, so I know it has been received.

So very sincerely yours,

James Pullman”

I have received no replies to this email. Nowhere in Enfamils email does it state that I cannot reply to them directly through that initial email so I would assume that these are getting through. One rep commented on my post on their facebook page asking me to send it in, but I know they won’t test it properly.

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