First Email to Enfamil

Here is a copy of my first email to Enfamil about the contaminated matter. The attached picture is of the crud I could collect from the sink after rinsing a can to throw it out. She consumed all the formula from the can the previous day. I am well aware this could be burnt formula, but I am not willing to run the risk of not knowing for sure.Image

“Hi Linda,

I just wanted to touch base with you about sending in the samples. I am going to speak with our local health association monday morning and ask them the best course of action for this. While I realize you and individual workers may place the welfare of my child as first priority, I am hesitant to put such faith in a large corporation; corporations care about money and liability, not the welfare of their customers. If Enfamil would agree to have the substance tested at a third-party laboratory of my choosing, at Enfamils expense, this would allay such a fear. I do not find it to be an acceptable solution to have the company whose product is in question testing the subject matter at hand. Enfamil has something to gain or lose from the outcome and this makes me strongly question whether I can truly trust any analysis done by Enfamil. Any trust I had for this company went down the drain when I saw the matter come out of that can after rinsing it and saw what I believe to be a mouse dropping in the formula from the other can. If this company cared, I would not be having this experience and I would not be seeing articles all over in regard to metal shavings/magnetic iron/bacteria recalls and other such contaminants sometimes found in formulas, included Enfamil. I was very pleased with how Enfamil has been about this, but again, I am uncomfortable trusting your company to properly test and inform me of this substance.
Google “enfamil contamination” and other variations thereof and tell me again how this is the first time you have ever had this issue…

As a suggestion, I found it to be very dangerous being asked to send all my samples in to your company. This does not protect the customer or the infant. As I said on the phone, *if* something were to come of this, I might need those samples on hand…. not en route to your lab hanging out in a truck somewhere. Asking for all the samples also puts the ball entirely in Enfamils court; parents should be encouraged to retain samples for their own protection if it does become a legal issue. I would suggest in the future that Enfamil tell customers to send HALF of what they have and safely store the other half if an emergency does happen to arise. As well as this, I truly do feel that third-party testing is much safer than Enfamil testing their own products for contaminants. Self-testing of questionable products is irresponsible and begs to be abused.

I would also like to ask, the lab which I will be sending this to, is their sole purpose to test for contaminated formula? What reassurances do I have that I can actually trust Enfamil to do right here? I don’t care what the law dictacts. Yes, by law you have to be honest… but I’d have to be pretty naive to take that as reassurance.

Amelia is doing fine. Nothing seems unusual, but unfortunately some materials don’t have an acute effect, which is why it is important to me that this questionable matter is tested thoroughly and reliably… by a company who does not stand to gain or lose anything from the results. Please help me act in the best interest of my child.


James Pullman”

Found in second can. She had one bottle from this. Didn’t notice anything in it until I went to make a second bottle from that can. Then I rinsed the previous can and found the crud. This looks like blanched, soaked mouse dropping to me. Though now that it is dry it looks more like a bread crumb or something…

Below is the crud up close. Could be iron. Could be some sort of vitamin or mineral unmixed. Could just be lumpy formula, could even be rotten formula of some sort. Regardless, I’m done with the guessing game and I do not trust this company to play ball honestly.


I have more pictures but I think you get the point. Will post my second email soon.

I would really like to see them change their policies to truly protect their customers. The whole process is streamlined to protect the manufacturer… at least from where I am sitting.

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