An introduction.

My name is James. People tend to call me Jamie but I’m not overly particular about what you call me as long as you’re consistent. lol

I live in Ontario, Canada. I live a fairly reclusive life with my girlfriend, Kristen, our newborn girl, Amelia, and our amazingly spastic dog, Bailey.

I am starting this blog for a  number of reasons.

First and foremost, this blog is intended as a time capsule of sorts to one day be read by my children. I will document the wonderful and horrible experiences of life in general, including raising  my sweet little star sparkle, Amelia.
I will express my beliefs in regard to almost any and all subjects that happen to pique my interest or raise my hackles in righteous indignation.
Basically, I am going to dump my brain into this blog in an effort to ensure my children, and the world, are able to see, read, and hopefully understand my beliefs and hopefully how I arrived at them. They are forever changing, forever evolving, and forever moving forward. Never limit yourself to one structure of belief when you can eclectically assemble those that resemble what lies in your heart and form something altogether new and beautiful. I’ll go into more detail on belief structure at a later date.

Some posts will be on a whim, others will be carefully thought out and planned to hold a very specific meaning or message.

I’m a writer. This isn’t something trained into me, this isn’t something I have sought. It’s an understanding and a gift I have had most of my life which I have chosen to ignore and neglect. In fact, one of my greatest wishes is that my child develops my uncanny curiousity and ability to learn just about anything. I truly do hope you have my love of learning and teaching, sweet one. It is the greatest gift a person could ever receive. Had I not made a lot of mistakes in my youth, I would be in a very different place and a very different person… but I wouldn’t have you or your mother, or Bailey, and I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams

I’ve had an interesting life. Not interesting in the sense of adventurous journeys or amazing opportunities (though I would be lying if I said I didn’t have at least a few of each), but one of self-reflection seldom seen in youth. I have turned inward, I have seen my demons, I have unmasked them and asked them to join me on a path of personal growth. This has been an ongoing process for many years with many, many ups and downs.
I believe that a major problem within our society is repression of personal growth through pain and perserverance. I believe that our society encourages us to further repress negative emotional traits through pharmaceutical use and purposeful ignorance rather than accepting and assimilating those same traits into the psyche with the intent of becoming whole as a person. We all have our dark sides; and these dark sides do not always take the form things such as murder, rape, and outright sociopathy. The darker aspects of a personality lie in fear, apathy, selfishness, and a whole slew of other traits that we would all rather believe do not exist within ourselves. Don’t kid yourself. When you begin to look inward and allow yourself to see what you are through the eyes of others, be willing to see fault in yourself and act to correct it, it is amazing what you can do and who you become. It all starts with empathy.

This is by no means a detailed description of my beliefs. It is however, a good place to start.

So why am I doing all this? Because committing my beliefs to paper, to the ages, is something I have felt drawn to do for a very long time. What stopped me? Fear. Fear of being judged, fear of being labelled insane, fear of being labelled as anti-government in a world that is slowly turning into a fascist realm.

My daughter gives me the courage to commit those thoughts to you now.

If I don’t share and stand up for my beliefs… why should she believe them? If I cowtow to some idiot spouting BS beliefs  in a parking lot because I don’t have the strength to tell him how utterly messed up his way of thinking is, my child could very well walk away believing what that person just put in her head. I refuse to allow it.
This is my child. My effort to make the world a better place. I will do everything within my power to ensure that she is a caring, compassionate, sensible, honest, intelligent, human being.

She will be a catalyst for change in the world, much as I have often been at times. You cannot force others to change their way of thinking, but you can plant a seed, hope it takes root, and help it grow. You do not need to change a massive world policy to change the world, you just need to have a positive impact on the micro-cosm around you. If everyone were to do this, the entire world would change.

Welcome to Faraday’s Message. Something you wil learn to read long before you truly learn to understand it.

Feel free to comment, criticize, or bitch.

Think before you flame...

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